TableTasks contributed enormously to the buzz and excitement of the wedding breakfast. They had the guests completely absorbed leaving everyone laughing, listening and talking enthusiastically. It certainly helped warm the crowd for my speech! Theo Van Dort
The clever thing about TableTasks is it makes everybody shine!  Everybody at the wedding had such an amazing time and it made it easy to talk and laugh with people we didn't know. Nick Davies
 I don't think I've ever laughed as much as when we did TableTasks at our friends wedding! Marianne McNamara
Lynn is fab to work with and TableTasks is such a fun and entertaining idea, perfect to get your guests talking. Rachael Smith

During my engagement period I attended, like many newly engaged and excited brides, a significant amount of Wedding Fayres. I went looking for that something personal to me and my fiancé, for ideas and inspiration for what was going to be the best day of our lives.

The Stately Home venue was sorted, my Hollywood Dreams wedding dress sorted, the 8 piece band and super cool DJ at night all sorted! But something huge was missing. The only thing I couldn’t find was some form of bespoke entertainment for during our Wedding Breakfast.

I’d heard of singing chefs and caricaturists, magicians and piano players but it’s all been done before. As an actress for many years I had been a part of invisible theatre events, murder mystery events, singing waiters shows I wanted something completely different and unique and something that would have our guests talking about our wedding for months even years after. I wanted that “Star” moment for them.
Have you ever been the “conversation starter” at other weddings? Where the bride and groom put you on the quiet table because they are so desperate for you to get the conversations going? I didn’t want that responsibility for any of our friends we wanted to lead the way, find something innovative that would entertain everyone, young and old, in a safe, exciting and fun way. Some guests we had were from different times in our lives, university, acting jobs, old school friends most where on tables where they only knew their other half and maybe just us.
So, what where my options? Trivia cards? At weddings I have previously attended not one guest looked at them as no one wanted to take charge of reading the questions out. I also didn’t want a quiz it was just a touch pub like. I wanted something that would get everyone personally involved, something innovative, something that would wow our guests. It was at this moment, whilst consuming an ice cold free glass of champagne that I decided; Ok I’ll do it myself. So TableTasks and the idea of Entertainment Cards was born.

A few years earlier I had done a couple of entertainment cards for people to do at a friend’s wedding and remembered that it had actually gone down really well. Their wedding was in a marquee in a beautiful garden and was beautiful but very relaxed. My wedding was in a stately home and had much more etiquette surrounding it. Would it work again? I knew the atmosphere I wanted to create and I knew getting my guests involved it was the only way I knew that as a bride I could sit back and relish in the fun that was about to unfold before us.

No one else was doing what I wanted, there is nothing else out there that creates bespoke and unique ice breakers tailored to each guests personality, nobody to devise something to make guests feel involved and special and to encourage conversations and to produce that star moment of the day…. so I did it myself

It worked brilliantly and after the meal the guests were all laughing and joking and some lovely friendships were created on that day between people that may not have spoken before or indeed after the wedding. It even got friends who hadn’t spoken for while back on track.

So here I am!! I’ve organised many events now from small family functions to events abroad and have realised our entertainment cards work for numerous situations and are the one thing that can be adapted and made unique to each separate event because let’s face it, no one shares the same friends and family.

Here at TableTasks using our entertainment cards I would love to help you make your vision a reality and take you and your guests on an entertainment adventure. Let’s create your star moment.

Lynn Jinks – Founder

I graduated from Northumbria University with a BA (Hons) in Drama, I am a trained actress and Community Arts worker with over 15 years of acting and presenting experience. Following a successful period on stage in plays and light entertainment, I developed my skills in project and group work as a facilitator and participant in many facilitation programmes.

I have performed for many clients both acting and leading workshop and training events in both the private and public sector. Clients include the BT Education Project (taking a communication skills development programme into schools), devising and leading training days for corporate companies as well as participating in Virgin sponsored themed events. From working with individuals and teams from the Police Force to Council services, Security officers to Teachers, all the way through to Private sector clients such as American Express, Cadburys, ASDA Walmart and the BBC Question Time team.

I have worked with disaffected youths in detention centres, children in schools and adults in full time work. My experience means I listen and act on what you the client wants not what I think you want. I pride myself on getting it right and delivering exceptional quality.

My knowledge of what is expected from me when talking to each individual is extensive. I believe I am easy to talk to, a good listener, and interested and committed to delivering an exceptionally high standard of work.

It would be a pleasure and honour to be a part of your special event and to devise for you and your guests.