TableTasks contributed enormously to the buzz and excitement of the wedding breakfast. They had the guests completely absorbed leaving everyone laughing, listening and talking enthusiastically. It certainly helped warm the crowd for my speech! Theo Van Dort
The clever thing about TableTasks is it makes everybody shine!  Everybody at the wedding had such an amazing time and it made it easy to talk and laugh with people we didn't know. Nick Davies
 I don't think I've ever laughed as much as when we did TableTasks at our friends wedding! Marianne McNamara
Lynn is fab to work with and TableTasks is such a fun and entertaining idea, perfect to get your guests talking. Rachael Smith

My fiancé and I love the idea but we are not sure how TableTasks Entertainment Cards will be received by our parents and elderly grandparents?

We completely understand. New and unusual ideas can sometimes seem daunting especially if it is a new concept that has never been seen before. Most of our bookings come from Bride and Grooms or delegates who have previously been involved in a TableTasks event. This is because they have seen firsthand how fantastic the entertainment cards can be at including all guests young and old.  Your parents, grandparents and elderly guests will be treated with respect, kindness and care as we devise a specific entertainment card just for them. We can guarantee that those who have the biggest reservations about our entertainment cards are the ones who are the biggest fans after they have been involved in the event.  Please see our testimonial videos for more feedback.

What is an example of an TableTask Entertainment Card?

They can range from “Tell the guests on your table how you met the Bride/Groom” to “Describe the Bride/Groom in only 3 words” or to a more dramatic “Go and high 5 the Groom” again please be assured we work with your guests personalities in mind and respectfully cater for all individuals.

When do you start devising the Entertainment Cards?

We begin as soon as we have an idea of how many guests you have attending and a loose idea of your seating plan. The more information you can supply us with the more outstanding your entertainment cards will be. You may find guests, due to no fault of their own, sometimes confirm their attendance and then have to cancel only days before. This can cause a lot of stress for the planning Bride and Groom. We have discovered with our extensive experience that the final devising can only begin around two weeks before your wedding or event. Your entertainment cards will then be posted to you the week of your wedding. TableTasks only commit to two weddings or events on any one day due to the fine detail, devising technique and attention to detail needed to ensure each client receives our exceptional bespoke service.

Couldn’t we just do it ourselves?

Although TableTasks Entertainment Cards sound simple to create we can assure you it takes hours and hours of dedication, skill and expertise to design each individual entertainment card for your event. The time, devising and creativity incorporated with the skill and knowledge we have gained over the years, means we can make sure each entertainment card is specific and bespoke to each guest. We have perfected the skill of paying close attention to how the dynamics of the individuals on each table work, making for a successful experience for all involved on each specific table. As you can only begin devising the entertainment cards within two weeks of your wedding we say, “let us do the hard work so you don’t have to”.

How do you correctly devise the Entertainment Cards for each personality?

Once your table plan has been decided we have a casual phonecall/facetime chat at your convenience and together we decide on a personality code number for your guests. Here at TableTasks we work to the following code number structure:

1: Shy

2: Confident

3: Very Confident

Your designated TableTasks creative designer can then determine the type of task to devise for each of your guests and the dynamics of the table they are seated on. It is a clever, visionary and unique design technique.

What if someone doesn’t want to do their Entertainment Card?

No one is under any pressure to complete their Entertainment Card but due to the smart designing process there has never been a guest who has refused. More often than not guests are so excited and eager to open their envelope, because of the dynamic atmosphere, that they begin to start opening them before their turn. Each ice breaker is designed to be safe, interactive and personal so no guest will feel threatened or embarrassed…. that is unless you want them too. We have worked with many Bride and Grooms who have asked us to arrange certain tasks to be particularly “entertaining” for their Groomsman/Best Man/Maid of Honour/ certain delegates….. again we get to know you and your guests during your consultation process so we can work to enhance the vision you have for your big day.

Do the TableTask Entertainment Cards only work if you have lots of guests?

No not at all. It works for all party sizes, ages and personalities. The concept has been brilliantly designed and has been incredibly successful for over 6 years. Our events have ranged from corporate events with over 250 delegates to a quaint wedding of 25, to a hen do of 8. Here at TableTasks we focus on listening to you so we can create the right atmosphere for you and your event. We are a personal and bespoke team and we genuinely care about pitching the bespoke ice breakers right for you and your guests.

I am only having a small wedding can we use the Entertainment Cards at a different time other than the wedding breakfast?

Yes we can devise them for any part of your day. We have a fully qualified creative team who will work to ensure your event is tailored to your needs and requirements. A lovely Bride and Groom hired a big red bus to get their guests from the church to their wedding venue and we used them as entertainment for the journey. For a wedding abroad we used them as a quirky idea to get guests talking during a cocktail reception. One Bride and Groom even took their entertainment cards to Italy for their wedding and distributed the entertainmnet cards themselves as they only had 25 guests. Our entertainment cards have also been used for selected guests only as to make a kind of secret entertainment idea. The possibilities are endless as are our ideas. Please “get in touch” for more details and inspiration.

We are having a buffet instead of a traditional Wedding Breakfast will the Entertainment Cards still work?

Our entertainment cards work with whatever you have planned because we have devised a concept that allows them to fit in with your timings, ideas and vision. They are to be used to enhance your guests experience so they talk about your wedding for month’s even years after.

I have children coming to my event will TableTasks Entertainment Cards work for them?

More than ever. It is always important to keep children of all ages entertained during long dinner experiences and it can often be an uncomfortable time for the parents. Children, if you decide to include them, can bring such wonderful entertainment to an event if managed in a controlled, fun and safe manner. We cater for all children with their own needs and abilities by listening to you during your consultation period. We have devised many tasks including: a task for a little two year old boy who stood up and performed a nursery rhyme to the Bride and Groom at the top table, two sisters aged three and five who sang over the microphone to the whole room, a shy autistic little boy, who we learned had a close relationship with his grandfather on the top table, who went up and gave his grandfather a high 5 and finally another wonderful example is a lovely little one year old girl found her entertainmeent card to read, “…go and kiss mummy and daddy” they happened to be the Bride and Groom on the top table. Again we work to each individual guest be that young or old and work to all needs and requirements of that individual and treat each guest with equal respect.

We have guests that we can put on tables to generate conversation and most of our guests know each other so we don’t need Entertainment Cards.

Has this ever happened to you? Can you recall that event or that wedding when you have been required to get the conversation started? After the first few considerate questions and the shy one word responses the conversation seems to dwindle, you then spend the rest of the dinner talking to your other half or just to the person sat next to you. It is hard to keep generating conversations even for the best communicators amongst us.

The concept for TableTasks Entertainment Cards came about to take the pressure of any one individual and to generate that “all in together” group conversation. No one wants their wedding or event to have that dreaded “lull”. With TableTasks Entertainment Cards each guest gets their own airtime so therefore feels listened to and involved and no one person can dominate the conversation as so often can happen. One example is of two separate guests on one table finding out they had been to the same school but where in different years and neither knew one another. Another great example was when one lady answered her, “What is your favourite memory of the bride?” TableTasks Entertainment Card that the secret as to why the Bride had been thrown off the hockey team in fifth year was finally revealed. Each entertainment card is devised to generate conversations that would never have happened naturally even to the closest and oldest of friends and family. They also bring about that electric group atmosphere which all adds to that special connection between your guests.

How do the TableTasks Entertainment Cards work as place names or favours?

We place each entertainment card in an individual envelope working with the colour scheme of your event. The name of each of your guests is printed on the front of these envelopes so this means they can be used as your place name settings which can also assist in bringing down stationary costs.

Many Bride and Grooms now choose to create bespoke handmade favours rather than the traditional food based favours. How much more personal can you get than a bespoke individual entertainment card written just for your friend or family member? There are many other examples of how you can incorporate the envelopes. Another wonderful Bride and Groom had an exclusive bar package with their venue, so they asked their guests to use their TableTasks envelopes as a drinks token. The guests took their envelope up to the bar and in return received a free drink from the Bride and Groom. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to suggest many more ideas that we have seen to be extremely successful with other events. Please get in touch for more details and inspiration.

 All our guests know one another, so we don’t think we would need TableTasks Entertainment Cards.

There is always a possibility of a “lull” during your Wedding Breakfast or dining event, even with a room full of guests that know each other. Often guests can be found “nipping off” or “sneaking away” when all you really want is for them to stay in the same room. Entertainment cards are a brilliant way of engaging your guests, keeping focus and grabbing attention as each person is individually required to be a part of the TableTasks process. Speeches can perhaps be a daunting experience, even for the most experienced of us, so when you are leading up to this important moment and most sentimental part of the afternoon you really want a warm audience rooting for you. TableTasks Entertainment Cards are a brilliant “Warm up act”, creating that perfect buzz and atmosphere even if you do have a room full of people who already are well acquainted.