TableTasks contributed enormously to the buzz and excitement of the wedding breakfast. They had the guests completely absorbed leaving everyone laughing, listening and talking enthusiastically. It certainly helped warm the crowd for my speech! Theo Van Dort
The clever thing about TableTasks is it makes everybody shine!  Everybody at the wedding had such an amazing time and it made it easy to talk and laugh with people we didn't know. Nick Davies
 I don't think I've ever laughed as much as when we did TableTasks at our friends wedding! Marianne McNamara
Lynn is fab to work with and TableTasks is such a fun and entertaining idea, perfect to get your guests talking. Rachael Smith


TableTasks creates individual entertainment cards to encourage interesting and fun conversations where your guests are often seated during a dining experience; in a situation where they may or may not know one another. Each entertainment card is designed to enhance guest dynamics which in turn creates an electric atmosphere which sets the tone for the rest of your special day.

For your event to stand out, be memorable and exciting your guests need to feel comfortable and relaxed, so with this in mind TableTasks creates entertainment cards that are a mixture of humour, interest and sincerity.

So. let us enhance your vision to create a memorable and fun experience at the moment you and your guests need it the most, here is how they work:

  • Following your bespoke table plan for your your guests will take their seats and on the table in front of them will be an envelope with their name written on and the sentence “Do not open until asked to do so”
  • Each table will have an allocated leader which will have been decided by the client and Tabletasks creative leader during the pre event consultation. The allocated table leader is given the responsibility to ensure all the guests follow their entertainment cards on their table.
  • To activate the first entertainment card a member of the Bridal Party such as Groom/Best Man//Toastmaster or the corporate event leader will announce the opening of the first envelope. This envelope has instructions inside which will take the table leader and the guests through how the entertainment cards work.
  • Whilst seated during the courses of your dining experience each guest will be involved in your day on a higher level as each entertainment card has been individually designed for their identified age, personality and style.
  • Let the fun begin……