TableTasks contributed enormously to the buzz and excitement of the wedding breakfast. They had the guests completely absorbed leaving everyone laughing, listening and talking enthusiastically. It certainly helped warm the crowd for my speech! Theo Van Dort
The clever thing about TableTasks is it makes everybody shine!  Everybody at the wedding had such an amazing time and it made it easy to talk and laugh with people we didn't know. Nick Davies
 I don't think I've ever laughed as much as when we did TableTasks at our friends wedding! Marianne McNamara
Lynn is fab to work with and TableTasks is such a fun and entertaining idea, perfect to get your guests talking. Rachael Smith

Image from one of our recent events.

After your initial enquiry a phonecall is set up at a time convenient for you where your TableTasks creative designer will take you through in more detail how your entertainment cards work and will listen to you, our client, to see how they will fit into your special day to enhance your vision.

Your individual entertainment cards are usually designed to be opened and delivered during the courses of a dining experience, Wedding Breakfast or before an after dinner speaker, but we will work to your individual needs to place them at any point during your day where you want to create and build that buzz and excitement.

We begin devising as soon as we have an idea of how many guests you have attending and a loose idea of your seating plan. The more information you can supply us with the more outstanding your entertainment cards will be. This is because your entertainment cards can only be finalised after your table plan has been completed as each task is written and devised by working with the personalities on each table.

Once your table plan has been decided we have a casual phonecall/facetime/skype chat at your convenience and together we decide on a guest that will become a table leader on each table and also a personality code number for each of your guests. Here at TableTasks we work to the following code number structure:

1: Shy

2: Confident

3: Very Confident

Using this information your designated TableTasks creative designer will then determine the type of entertainment card to devise for each of your guests and the dynamics of the table they are seated on. It is a clever, visionary and unique design technique.

Your entertainment cards are then posted to you the week of your Wedding or event.

If you are happy to move forward your date will be secured with a deposit and contract as TableTasks can only commit to two weddings or events on any one day due to the fine detail, devising technique and attention to detail needed to ensure each client receives our exceptional bespoke service.

Let the fun begin……